Business Issues, Disputes and Litigation

Small business has always been the backbone of the United State economy. People start businesses with a handshake and a mutual trust that sometimes, unfortunately, fails to work out and results in lawsuits. A lawsuit filed by a third-party or between partners sometimes results in what appears to be a slow-moving accident that results in the crippling or destruction of a business that could have been saved with proper planning or rational thought. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If you find yourself considering or facing a lawsuit which involves your business, you need an aggressive and effective attorney to preserve your rights and interests without killing the “golden goose.”

Business Formation – if you and others have started or are starting a business, you may need a formal partnership agreement or formation documents to form a corporation or limited liability company. A corporation and limited liability company formation will require Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Meeting Minutes as well as filings with the California Secretary of State.

Collection Disputes – cash flow is the life blood of every business. If you are facing a situation where someone is not paying you or you are unable to pay them, you may need to work on a compromise or file/defend a lawsuit seeking collection of monies owed. An attorney can often work out the best possible solution.

Business Disputes – purchase and sales of a business may lead to a dispute over what was sold or a failure to pay on monies due and owing. In other instances, activities by a person or other business may interfere with your prospective economic advantage, result in unfair business practices or slander of a business (especially nowadays with the proliferation of comments being posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It may be necessary to aggressively pursue unwarranted and unjustified attacks on the reputation of a business.

Partnership Disputes – a partnership dispute may arise from a written partnership agreement or may be guided by the Uniform Partnership Act [LINK]. Understanding the nature of the dispute, considering options and seeking to resolve disputes short of a lawsuit may be the best solution. If, however, a lawsuit cannot be avoided, strong representation is a must as you will be fighting for the life of your business that took so much effort to build.

Shareholder Disputes – similar to a partnership dispute, if a corporation has a number of unhappy shareholders who feel that there are problems with the management and control of the corporation, a shareholder derivative action can be filed in court to pursue a claim against a third-party or an officer or director of the corporation.

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