Family Law

Family law attorney. You never think about talking to one until it is too late. One of the most exciting times of one’s life is getting married. One of the most devastating times is going through a divorce. I am here to listen and provide you with the guidance, comfort and knowledge needed to make the right choices for you and for your children during the difficult and traumatic transition from being married to being single.

Divorce is difficult. The parties or the court must decide how to characterize and divide assets, provide support and address the needs of any minor children. During the divorce and as long as you have minor children, the court can issue orders regarding:

Child Custody Attorney
Physical custody and legal custody are two different issues. You need to be aware of these distinctions when determining what is best for the child during a pending divorce and thereafter. I can provide you with the help you need to secure or modify these rights.

Child Visitation Attorney
Child visitation is tough on everyone, but every child needs to know their parents. When considering visitation rights, the primary concern of the court is to ensure the child’s health, safety and welfare. The issue of whether custody and/or visitation are in the child’s “best interests” may be hotly contested issues. I can provide you with caring and aggressive advocacy to assert your full parental rights.

Child Support Modification Attorney
Child Support is required by law. Both parents have a duty to support minor children. This obligation will be sorted out during the divorce proceeding as there are generally standard formulas that determine the amount of those obligations. However, it may be difficult to sustain paying these obligations in these turbulent economic times as one or both parents may have varied income in a self-employed business, they may move to new jobs with lesser pay or benefits or lose their job. Such changes allow you to request a modification of your support obligations. I can provide you with the help you need to secure or modify these obligations.

Spousal Support Modification Attorney
Spousal Support changes with time. The length of a marriage and other variables will impact the amount of spousal support one may be ordered to pay and how long payments need to continue. Much like the child support obligation, changes in circumstances may allow for a request to modify one’s spousal support obligations. I can provide you with the help you need to secure or modify these rights.

Nullity of Marriage or Annulment – A nullity proceeding is one where a person asserts that no marriage ever occurred or unlawfully entered into, thereby voiding the marriage. There may have been irregularities in how the marriage was conducted or there may be a legal basis the marriage is invalid such as it involved incest, bigamy, lack of consent (a party was a minor) or fraud. Ending a marriage on these bases is fairly rare, but not out of the question. Mr. Dorhout can provide you with the guidance you need to decide if one of these reasons is a basis to end your marriage.

Summary Dissolution of Marriage – In certain instances, a dissolution of marriage can end a marriage without a court appearance, but you need to meet all of the requirements which include (1) less than five years of marriage before the date of separation; (2) no children are involved; (3) neither party owns real estate; and (4) you do not owe more than $6,000 in total debt (excluding vehicle loans) acquired since the date of marriage. California Family Code §2400 et seq.

Restraining Orders – Restraining Orders are an unfortunate by-product of some marriages. Certain people are unable to face the fact that a relationship is ending and either start, or continue, with a pattern and practice of abusive behavior. If needed, a restraining order can (1) restrain personal conduct; (2) order the person to stay away from the victim’s home/work and/or child’s school; (3) order the person to be removed from a residence; (4) modify child custody, visitation and support orders as needed; and (5) any other orders needed.

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